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Snakes in Wotton

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Chandrasekar   Jul 14th 2006 15:51

Is it flu?

Children please! Can we keep this thread snake related! Really!

All these anagrams are pets:





puinea gig

Atalie Nimbruglia

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Dogsbody   Jul 14th 2006 15:57

I get quicker every moment....

1. Chicken
2. Marmoset
3. Goat
4. Haddock
5. X Box 360
6 Post coital cigarette.

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Loneranger   Jul 14th 2006 16:01

I didn't no that No 6 were post coital cigarettes

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Dickie72   Jul 14th 2006 16:10

That was quick, LR! I take it the police didn't confiscate your pc again??

If anyone is interested, the disease anagram was:


Simple really.

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Darrelljohn   Jul 17th 2016 19:59

Saw a snake today top of nine lane in the field with the crops in not sure what it was but going by the pictures I have seen on the Internet may of been an adder

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