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A place where things not fitting above and not directly involving Wotton or humourous, offbeat, "New Year Resolutions" and things that wouldn't be out of place in a chatroom.

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ADSL plans for Wotton

"Hello, I am SJJ.
Interestingly, my interests are curiosily interesting!
I live in Synwell & have done so all my life, except when I am travelling!
Please DO NOT send me a PM from here as I never recieve them. (AOL dont deliver)" : Click for more details
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SJJ   Nov 13th 2005 21:14

So am off to bed now!

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Chandrasekar   Nov 13th 2005 21:48

Gosh, that must be a REALLY busy day you've got coming up to head off at this time of the evening.

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