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Items of immediate interest to residents living in the town, which would cover things like parking, policing, the council, planning issues, new supermarkets, new businesses, lighting and crime inc burglaries, etc.

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Big Old Houses of the Wotton Area

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Chandrasekar   Jun 27th 2015 07:12

Oh yeah, so it is. For sale, that is. Bennett Jones is the agent, but they've not got it on their website for some unfathomable reason.

I saw someone in there yesterday evening and a van in the drive this morning. Hmm, it sounds like I'm a stalker.

Anyway, for prospective buyers this outhouse can be the mystery bonus, as it would take hours and a heavy duty strimmer to find out what's inside.

The spellcheck doesn't recognise 'strimmer'. What century does it live in?

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