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bladerunner   Jun 1st 2014 17:59

Well, we learn something new everyday! grin

Didn't know you could do that! blush

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SamKelpie   Jun 15th 2014 21:04

Hi. My name is Sam and I am new to the area and the Operations Manager at Wotton Electric Picture House. This seemed like a friendly place to sign up and introduce myself. I look forward to getting to know you all! smile

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Pat   Jun 15th 2014 22:48


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Loneranger   Jun 16th 2014 00:32


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BobsBoy47   Jun 16th 2014 21:40

Welcome from someone who once upon a time lived as a baby/very small child in a flat above the Wotton Picture House circa 1948.

I vaguely recall (at age 3 or 4 years old maybe) seeing at least one Walt Disney film in the cinema. A few years on memories of Dam Busters film is triggered. Whether that was a Bear Street School visit or not I do not know.

My family moved from there to the Swedish houses in Mount Pleasant in the early 1950s. Reg Grimshaw and his family ran the picture house at that time.

In later years I also remember when the revitalised Picture House made a comeback and featured on the HTV News.

Have to say I have not ventured into the latest emporium since we left Wotton in the mid 1970s.
Good Luck Sam in your new post and welcome to the forum.

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