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Grants to improve energy efficiency of houses with solid walls

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bladerunner   Mar 23rd 2012 17:34

I know I don't always agree with the goings on at SDC, but here's a press release which may help someone, or someone you know have a warmer, more energy efficient home next winter...

Grant help - grab it while you can

Owners of older houses within the Stroud District are being encouraged to take up grants being offered by a joint initiative between Stroud District Council and British Gas whilst the offer remains.

The project launched in January to offer grants to improve energy efficiency of houses with solid walls, which are harder and more costly to insulate than cavity walls. Although spring is underway and people are not likely to be thinking of insulating their homes, funding is only expected to be available for the next 9 months, so now is a good time to apply.

The project is aimed at private householders who are on benefits or a low income living in the 15,000 plus homes in the district with solid walls. The amount of grant funding available will depend upon the property size and its heating type, although the council is aiming to top them up with a loan for households who do not qualify for the full cost of the measures.

The works involve the application of external insulating board and render to properties and can reduce heat loss from properties by up to 45%, saving households up to £375 a year on their heating bills.

Councillor John Stanton, cabinet member for the environment for Stroud District Council said: 'This project is aimed with a view to addressing fuel poverty and there are still many homes in the district that have not yet benefitted from energy efficient measures. As this grant has a time limit, now is an excellent time to take advantage of the help available.'

Householders interested in applying should call 0800 500 32 76 or email

Edited to remove political spin!

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Chandrasekar   Mar 24th 2012 06:21

Thanks for the info blade - Well done Stroud Conservative Council! skeptic

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