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Old blue coat school ,my early years in Wotton

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Corn-davy   Dec 20th 2015 19:46

Hi I used to go to blue coat school in 1968 it had a beautiful stone carved shell above the doorway and lived at 37 dryleaze , my father rang the bells at the church .When I was six years old I used to go to the shops for my mother and later went to Bear street school ,walking to the shops and upon reaching the main road ,I asked Mr Barber -Taylor who ran a I think carpet shop on the corner of bear street to cross me across the road so I could go to the local butchers for some mince meat that was on my mothers shopping list.The school built of a local stone had the date on it 1843 ,I can still see this in my memory even today ,the school finished when I left for Dorset,I remember looking back crying I was sad ,one to be leaving and two the end of an era . There was a children's home behind us at dryleaze and remember a boy called Timmy blatcher ,he used to come to my home to visit he was my friend and some other children also used to visit us as our home backed on to its grounds . I remember Jane giddins from blue coat school ,Neville green ,Peter montague and Nigel Howell his birthday was on 11 June one day after mine .During these special years a tree was taken down by aDr young the tree was pulled over by a long rope with his old now car and the whole road came out to help ,we all cheered who lived on the corner of dryleaze who I remember had a young Chinese girl I think she was his adopted daughter .The boys Dave cornell Tim blacher Neville green Peter montague and Nigel Howell went upWooton Hill and found an over grown house on the hill and cut through the brambles to get through .We came home shorts torn and blackened knees (The black Hand Gang)a term given to us by my parents .Mr Ford used to ring the bells and my father is recorded as a ringer on a few peel boards in the tower..Two spinster sisters and very dear to my Heart The Miss jones -es doted on me as a child and fortunately my father took me to see them in a care home I think in surrey before they passed away ,I used to play in their long long beautiful garden also across the road ,they were wonderful to me when I was a child and Mr and Mrs Purt of dryleaze with their lovely daughter Fleur were fabulous and a warm and giving family whom I hold very close to my heart too .Mr Lancaster a local artist he lived in dryleaze too, drew Wotton Hill and painted it in watercolor a pride of place in my parents home along with Wotton church now 40 years old and still looks fabulous. 45 years have swiftly passed now and we moved to Dorchester Dorset at 7 years old ,I met a special girl at 15 years young and was lucky to have married her at just 20 ,on the 26th of October last I celebrated 30 happy years with two now grown up children 26 and 23 . I am a humble carpenter and am very proud of my Wotton - Under -Edge up bringing and felt honored by the kind people whome I met and gave me a Heart for which I'm emensly proud , Old fashioned values with warmth and kindness something I feel I do possess and that is something that Wooton has given me and made the man that I am this day. Happy Christmas to you all and I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who knew me and am in Wotton Wednesday 23rd of December and can be contacted on 07774477437 or David .cornell 63 @ and all the very best to you all for the new year and thank you.

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BobsBoy47   Jan 19th 2016 16:13

Good memories of Wotton. Welcome to the forum.

In 2015 I met Mrs Pirt in Wotton Street and had a pleasant chat. Even though I left KLBGS in 1963 she still recalled me and my late sister.

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