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Derretts & Smiths and Hancocks in Wotton under Edge

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Avryll   Mar 17th 2016 06:49

Not certain if this is the right part of this site for my enquiries, but here goes: I often skim through sites and see people looking for info on past families, and often see enquiries concerning these families, especially Rhoda Jane Derrett. Rhoda was my Gt, grandmother, i descend from her daughter Flora May Smith. Rhoda died and Alfred Edward (Rodomont) smith married Hannah Rudman in the same quarter. Their children form a half family to myself.
I am currently researching my Wotton family and am curious to know if there are any other descendants of the two Lewis Derretts, (yes I come down from Lewis 1822) who still in live in Wotton, or perhaps other reasonably close relatives. i do have a photo of Alfred Edward Smith and I look nothing like him, as I resemble my Meads family, but find his reputation to be really interesting, Punch and Judy artist, explosives, and latterly the shop in Bear St. selling umbrellas and walking sticks. I would like to know if the shop still exists. Wotton looks a great place to be. Any help, advice would be appreciated, especially the true parentage for the flamboyant Alfred Smith, he seems to claim Sally Grimes as his mother, but elsewhere his parents are quite different.....
Thanks Avryll

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