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Ford, Witchell, Elliott and Palmer families

"I have many ancestors (Ford, Elliott, Witchell etc) from Wooton under Edge and its surrounding area" : Click for more details
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ColinA   Jul 18th 2016 17:03

I've been researching ancestors on my maternal grandmother's side for a while and find many links to Wotton under Edge. My direct ancestors include Daniel FORD 1823-1875 and his wife Caroline WITCHELL 1824-1880, and also Henry Elliott 1849-1922 and his wife Sarah Ann PRIDDY 1845- .

I've particularly been looking into relatives through the children of Clara FORD 1867-1934 and her son Albert Edward FORD 1894-1916 who fell in the Batttle of the Somme and is remembered on the war memorial in Wotton under Edge. Albert Edward FORD married Alice nee CARTER, widow of William PALMER 1869-1911, and they had one child Albert Edward PALMER - she then married again to John WICKS or WEEKS 1872-1939.

I'd be glad to share information with anyone connected with these families and to learn more of these families' lives in and around Wotton under Edge. I've looked at the information about Albert Edward FORD in the book about Wotton Under Edge's men who fell during WW1 and have recently made a useful brief visit to the local history centre but am sure that there's probably a lot more information out there amongst families that may help add the the stories of these families.

With thanks in anticipation for any help received.

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carla   Jul 18th 2016 18:28

Please could you get in contact I've messaged you

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