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The Steep/Ludgate Hill

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maddy   Feb 16th 2017 19:55

I am new to this site so forgive me if I do not get things quite right.
I want to know why it was decided to rename the Steep as Ludgate Hill and when.
Was there a Mr. Ludgate?
What was wrong with the original name?
Is there any way of changing it back?
I notice that the house at the top left is called Steep House

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Threepennybit   Feb 26th 2017 23:45

Hi. I know of a Ludgate Hill in London near St Paul 's cathedral but otherwise I don't know anything about the local one. Coming from the capital city myself quite a long time ago now, I had noticed this local road had been called The Steep in the past but not enquired as to when or where.

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BobsBoy47   Feb 27th 2017 11:58

When it was still two way I remember going down the Steep on my pushbike and pulling on the front brake.... ouch! Thankfully only my pride got hurt that day.

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