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Reordering or modernisation of St Marys the Virgin churh

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HAPPY   Jul 26th 2017 13:16

How do you the people of Wotton feel about the reordering or modernisation of our beloved St Marys church.
This will consist of removal of part of the chancel wall and the railings made by a Wotton craftsman many years ago the beautiful railing consisting of St Marys symbols the fleur de lyse and a thornless rose.
Many of the pews to go and replaced by seats enabling the church to be used as a church hall and the tiled floor up for underfloor heating to be put in (at some time) thus destroying the acoustics.
St Marys church is considered as one of the finest in the Cotswolds.

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InsaneGiraffe   Aug 3rd 2017 17:01

Don't care. Never go in the church.

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