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Any info???

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Rehcaz   Sep 21st 2017 23:39

My mum lived in Wotton from 1950/1-1956/7.Her name is Susan.She lived in Rose cottage,with her parents,Alfred Foster and Vera (unsure of surname,possibly Gough or Hands?) She believes the main farmhouse was Cromhall/Cromwell house? Opposite Butchers hill?
Alfred was a prison officer at Leyhill and I believe he used to cycle a lot? He used to be in the Army.My Mum has 2 brothers,Peter & John Hands,that were both in the Army.
If anyone knows who they are and has any memories,please don't hesitate to get in contact.Thank you ????

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doublegloster   Oct 7th 2017 19:26

This location is in Cromhall, near Wotton Under Edge. The farm is Cromhall Court Farm and although your Mother speaks of Butcher's Hill the hill is really Wick's Hill. Butcher's Hill is a local name for it. Leyhill Prison would be a 10 minute bike ride away. I have found Alfred William and Vera Doreen Foster on a voting register for 1952 they were living in Wotton Under Edge at The Nook, 3, Symn Lane. Hope this helps. D.G.

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