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Reverend George Stroehlin Weidemann

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Jaycroft   Nov 22nd 2017 19:34

The Rev. Weidemann lived in Wotton-under-edge together with his wife, Eizabeth from around 1840 until his death in 1856. He was the Perpetual Curate of Kingswood at St Mary's Church.
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The 1841 census gives their address in Wotton-under-Edge as "Culverhay" and in 1851 the address is given as "Elmfield".

George and Elizabeth had 2 sons, both of whom followed an ecclesiastic career: George (1816-1852) became a Professor at Bishop's College, Calcutta, and Charles (1817-1893) became the Chaplain at the English Episcopal Church in Hamburg.

Reverend George Stroehlin Weidemann was born in the Moravian settlement in Fairfield, Lancashire. He died while preaching from the pulpit of St Matthew's church in Guernsey (visiting); I have a newspaper cutting with an obituary. I don't know where Rev. Weidemann was buried; perhaps he was brought back to be buried in the graveyard of St Mary's Church?

Does anyone have any more information about the Weidemann family?


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Threepennybit   Dec 3rd 2017 15:05

Try Wotton-under-Edge Heritage Centre in The Chipping. Currently they have an exhibition on the Wotton graveyards but their knowledge may include Kingswood as it is very close to Wotton-under-Edge

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siggi   May 25th 2018 08:03

There is a find a grave site and there I found out that he was buried on Guernsey. There is a blurred photo of the grave.
His son, Charles Frederick was Chaplain of the English Church in Hamburg for many years. Do you have any information on him? There appears to be some confusion about how many children he had, four or six. We’re trying to get everything correct for the Arts Society Church Recording Project, so any help is welcome!

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