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Dogsbody   Mar 2nd 2018 11:14

Hope everyone is faring well in the bad weather. I thought it would be a good opportunity to re-energise the Discussion Board. I haven't been to Wotton for about a year so I'd be interested in hearing how things are.
Hello to all contributors old and new.

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Chandrasekar   Mar 3rd 2018 07:35

Hello Dogs, how lovely to hear from you! Hope you're well, sorry to hear you've not been Wotton-way for a while.

I've been trying to sign in to this forum on-and-off for the last six months, but due to (I suspect) my own stupidity I have failed, until now, when it just clicked. Wrong email address I think.

I've had so much I've wanted to say on here during that time, but have managed to forget all of it. This is a Good Thing.

I've been in Wotton since Thatcher, but this is the worst snow I've seen. Well, I say 'seen', I've not actually been out, I've just been looking at other people's pictures and videos on YouTwitFace. I went to get something out of my car yesterday, but other than that haven't tried to go anywhere. I'm guessing January '82's snow was worse, but I wasn't here then, so can't comment.

I'm not much help on how things are in Wotton either, sorry. Busy times personally. 'Not much has changed' is the best I can offer. It's still chaotically hit-and-miss trying to get a prescription from Lloyds. Lloyds the Chemist that is; don't get me started on trying to get a prescription from Lloyds Bank; what a nightmare!

There's a thriving and happy Wotton community online, which is great to see, but it's not on here, which is a shame because I still like my anonymity and still detest all that Facebook stands for, so will not be joining in any Wotton-related fun anywhere else online. This is also a Good Thing. But everyone else seems to be having fun, so that's super smile

Anyway, that's enough for now, thanks for popping by. How's Bristol's snow, how are your marmalade supplies, are you managing to keep Natalie warm in new and inventive ways?

Plus, I echo your greetings to all other contributors. Mostly all.

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Joe90   Mar 3rd 2018 09:17

Hi Dogs & Chand
Wotton seems to be coping OK - yes I would certainly say less snow than 82.
Coop is open - but no milk, and not much hope of getting any today !! Tesco is closed not opening until 9am. Most shops either did not open or closed early yesterday.
Walkers the bakers is open for their lovely bread.
Most problems seem to have been caused by drifting rather than amount of snow.
Wotton Hill has been well used for sledging grin

I have also had problems logging in recently - but all working again today wink

"Lived in Wotton 1961 to 70. Family still there. " : Click for more details
9,045 posts.
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Dogsbody   Mar 5th 2018 16:04

Hi Joe and Chand. Good to hear from you both. It has been a huge challenge dealing with the snow as you can imagine. The chaos well deserved its hour long special on Channel 4. I recorded the programme to watch the next day by which time the snow had melted and it was warm sunshine. I reckon the next time they should just have the headline IT'S SNOWING followed the next day by IT HAS STOPPED. Despite this, the associated Milk Crisis is ongoing here in Bristol to the extent that I was forced into buying Cravendale (Which is quite nice actually). Supplies of just about everything else ran out for an agonising hour and a half. I just don't know how we're going to recover from this. Thank goodness (as Chand suggested) I had Natalie here for our version of Scrabble (I can't say how it varies from ordinary Scrabble on a family forum) But I wish everyone well and hope you're clear of that pesky owl and fleece related terrors. Cheerio. (Cup of Cravendale anyone?)

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