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A Poem by Al Ludepam
Tom Rial says: sorry to relate the sad loss of Al Ludepam as you may have read in the Times last week, a great lover of the south cotswolds and Wotton in particular where he could trace his roots right back to 1733. He asked that the following poem dedicated to our town be posted on the site which he considered a great leap forward in locals talking to each other, it was written before his final evening meal with his extended family and zoo of pets around him.
I have seen the world beheld her wonders
from the desert sands to the rubies in tibet.
But I love the reef of field green and summer red
that laps the shore of my town,
your town Wotton.

I have stood by Tyndal
where Shakespear made Gloucester fear the edge,
and sat beneath the trees in orchards
graced by mellow Shallow and Oldcastle
who tutored the king before Agincourt.

Remember them, and me on sunny days,
and preserve the reef,
protect her ancient streets from invading time
and her rush of promised gelt,
the future is only one second away,
stay your hand and live in the only sure moment you have,
the breath of now,
and savour the depth of clean air
one thousand years of Wutten provides for you.

Al Ludepam

(You can read other contributions from Al on the discussion board).

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