Clean Up Green Up Charfield

Clean Up Green Up Charfield (CUGUC) was formed in July 2013 as a result of suggestions that came out of the Charfield Village Plan.

CUGUC is an independent not for profit voluntary organisation, run by the community, involving the community, for the community.

The main purpose of CUGUC is to help make Charfield a better place to live and work by enhancing the green spaces and open areas, undertaking projects, which improve the environment.

CUGUC has used the existing Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) In Bloom organisation to help guide its development and benefits from the organisation's experience and resources. As part of our remit we are committed to the In Bloom's 3 pillars of commitment to achieve:-

Environmental Responsibility; Community Participation; Horticultural Achievement.

The timing of the formation of CUGUC coincided with an on-going reduction of money available from public funds to manage public spaces and this has led to the selection and type of work CUGUC has undertaken. Many In Bloom groups concentrate on baskets and containers of beautiful flowers – whereas we have chosen to re-instate huge borders and manage key public green spaces in the village. Something that our In Bloom judge commented was going to have to be the way forward for other groups.


Soon after its formation, CUGUC decided to enter the RHS "In Bloom Pennant" scheme in order that CUGUC could gain some experience in what was required when entering this prestigious competition. We had some fabulous feedback from the judges and were delighted to be awarded a Silver Pennant award for our year 1 efforts in improving the village.

Your Village Needs You

CUGUC needs you!! CUGUC only works because villagers give up small (or large) amounts of their time and energy to help with a variety of tasks. Not all tasks are heavy and manual – there are a variety of ways to help – even if it's making a cuppa!

If you would like to be part of a great team of people, as a one off, or on a more regular basis, please contact us in one of the following ways: