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A TETRA mast on the edge of Westridge Woods?
Wotton Against Tetra Emissions (WATE)
Unless opposition is forthcoming, Wotton Under Edge will have a TETRA mast near at a location close to Conygres Scout Camp. There are two good reasons why it should not be there. The first is that it sits within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and secondly there are grave doubts as to it's safety.

TETRA stands for TErrestrial (or Trans European) Trunked RAdio (Access)

A view of the proposed TETRA mast
FIG. 1: A view of the proposed TETRA mast. Located between Old London Road & Westridge Woods, facing East, walking from Wotton Hill

It is intended to provide secure communication for the Police and ultimately other emergency services. The plan is to have 3000 masts all over the country at a cost of £3 billion . However, there is little recent research to provide conclusive proof that the transmitters and recievers are safe to use. More information can be obtained from the following website.

Wotton Against Tetra Emissions (WATE) is a group that has been formed to oppose the mast. After Town and District Councillors objected to the mast, BT Airwave- the company trying to erect the mast-went to 'appeal' and the hearing is set for April 23rd at Ebly Mill. WATE is trying to gather evidence to present to the appeal, as they do not anticipate a strong fight from Stroud District Council.

Another view of the proposed TETRA mast
FIG. 2: A view of the proposed TETRA mast and a required power line. Viewed from the Old London Road footpath to Westridge Woods.

If anyone wants to help or can provide information, please contact WATE by email on

Jeff Walshe

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