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British School Wins Basic Skills Quality Mark
Headteacher of the British School in Wortley Road, Wotton, Mr Paul Hiatt, said "We are very excited to receive this recognition of the high educational standards we achieve. It's a real tribute to the hard work of all the children and staff at the British".

The Basic Skills Agency assesses a range of criteria and the Quality Mark says that a school has a strategy and an action plan to improve children's reading, writing and numberwork; that it assesses children to find out if they need extra help; that it has good books and other material to help children improve and that it reviews the progress made by all of the children.

The award was presented to the British School in a special assembly by Carol Taylor, the Regional Director of the Basic Skills Agency, who handed out badges, bookmarks and stickers to the children.

The British School is also celebrating its best Key Stage 2 SATs results. "This is the second consecutive year in which we have seen an improvement" said head, Mr Paul Hiatt. "In Literacy and Numeracy 87% of our children achieved at least a Level 4, while in Science 100% of our pupils achieved at least a Level 4. A considerable percentage actually achieved a Level 5".

The school is particularly pleased with the Literacy result. "We introduced a new scheme 18 months ago to help all children improve their reading and writing skills. We feel that this has really paid off this year, in terms of the results our children have achieved. I really feel proud of the staff and the children for this outstanding result" Mr Hiatt added.

For further information please contact Mr T P Hiatt,01453 843371

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