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2nd Charfield Brownies Need A New Leader
From the end of the summer term 2006, the 2nd Charfield Brownies will be without a leader.
From Beth, the current leader:

I have some good news and some bad news that I have been waiting to share with you all.

The good news is that I am expecting a baby which is due in September. Myself and Chris my partner are over the moon and looking forward very much to our new arrival !

The bad news however is that because of the baby I have decided that I can no longer commit myself to running 2nd Charfield Brownies. I of course will continue running the pack until the end of our summer term in July, however obviously cannot commit to coming back afterwards.

This means that we are now looking for any volunteers who might want to take over the running of the pack permanently, and this is where we are hoping that you may be able to help!

Do you want a challenge? Or can you think of anyone you know who does??

Do you have any friends or relatives locally who might be interested in running the pack ?

If you have any suggestions or names of people who may be seriously interested please let me know asap. The sad reality is that if no-one comes forward to take over, the pack will be forced to close, and of course I’m sure none of us want to see that happen.

Feel free to call me any time about it on 07870 691711.

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