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The beginnings of Wotton Pool
It all began in 1958 when a group of school children from the local secondary school along with some other people volunteered to build an out door swimming pool.
Wotton Swimming Pool

It was finished in 1961 and was used a great deal, and was an important part of the towns sports facilities.

Soon people got cold (it was freezing!!) so in the 70's they decided to build a heating system. It was agreed that neither gas nor electric would be economical so renewable energy was chosen. They chose to build a solar panel. But it isn't a normal solar panel. Not a glass and copper thing, it is made of plastic pipes with water running through them and they are covered in asphalt to absorb the sun's heat ...

Read the rest of the story on the Wotton Pool site. (There's also an original document detailing the proposal and construction).

Thanks to Alan George.

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