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Poll on the Queen's Golden Jubilee
Here are the results of the poll taken between February 1st 2002 and April 3rd 2002.

Relevant Discussion: To Jubilee or not to Jubilee?... that is the question

What should Wotton do to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee?

Something low-key and brief.
tally: 1% 1%

Something high-profile but brief, e.g. street party
tally: 6% 6%

Something low-key but long-lasting, e.g. new plants, trees in the town
tally: 21% 21%

Something high-profile and long-lasting, e.g. new statue
tally: 2% 2%

All of the above
tally: 12% 12%

Absolutely nothing
tally: 58% 58%

votes: 112

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