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Coach Companies in the 1950's
More memories from John Durn
My Dad was Bill Durn who lived and worked as Town Clerk in Wotton from 1949 until his death in 1982.

As a lad living in Wotton Under Edge during the 1950's and early 1960's I remember travelling on the blue and cream coaches owned by 'THE WHITE LION MOTORWAYS', using Guy Arab's.

The coach firms garage was in Bear Street opposite Bear Street School where I was a pupil until 1954. In 1952 my teacher was Ted Scadding whose family ran the business and kept the White Lion Hotel in Long Street where I also lived with my family at no 27 until moving to Church Street.

One of White Lion's coaches was always hired to take the members of 1008 Suadron Air Training Corps on our many activities on RAF Stations including flying experience, quite an adventure in those days. The coach was driven by Mr Flight who was a Flying Officer in the ATC.

At the time there were two other coach firms in Wotton under Edge. W J Jenkins who had his premises at Dyersbrook near the Shearmans Arms pub who had four lovely posh Bedford coaches, always pristine in red and cream livery.

Norman Taylor had two coaches based at his home Moor Hall in Potters Pond. One was a green and cream Tilling Stevens half cab. I went to school with his son Adrian.

Being interested in Bus and Coach preservation, I would be pleased to receive any information relating to these coach firms and what happened to the coaches they once owned.

I have had a few thoughts since contacting you, regarding WJ Jenkins and The White Lion Motorways.

Prior to the sleek Bedford coaches Wilf used at this time, I believe he owned 'Albion Victor's'.

At the junction where Adeys Lane met 'The Old London Road' was some farm land in those days. There was a collection of old Garages built on the ground. As a lad I well remember peering through the cracked wooden walls of the barn to see some old blue coaches. I think they were 'Guy's' belonging to the 'White Lion Motorways'.

I recall many a Sunday School outing to Weston-Super-Mare. Up to 11 coaches were pressed into service for these journeys. Several old relics and I don't mean passengers, were hauled out of semi retirement, to supplement the more modern coaches. I reckon that the old vehicles in the garage at the top of Adeys Lane, were used in this way.

Hope this will jog a few memories. Cheers for reading my email.

John Durn

[John's email is available on request.]