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Save Our Sorting Office Campaign
The Final Report on the SOSO Campaign by Roger Carter who chaired the committee

As you are all by now well aware the campaign to save Wotton sorting office is now over and unfortunately, after a campaign lasting three and one half months, we failed to reach our objective.

As such I have, with the campaign group’s permission, closed the campaign and disbanded the group membership.

As a closing act I would like to express my thanks to the numerous people who signed the petitions, attended public meetings , filled the ranks on demos or photo shoots – without you the campaign coverage would not have reached the places it did. In particular, I wish to thank the following for the help, advice, ideas, commitment, time and hard work they willingly gave:

  • Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, M.P.
  • Timothy Cork, Parliamentary Research Assistant
  • Claire Marshall, Dursley Gazette
  • Peter Roberts, Clarendon Press
  • Alan & Eric George, Website design, construction & maintenance
  • Wotton-under-Edge town council

Finally, a very special ‘THANKYOU’ to the Campaign Group who in all weathers – some severe - gave their time, efforts and energies to trudge the streets, attend numerous meetings, input expertise, provide production facilities, etc, etc, and a never failing support to me. Without their superb service we couldn’t have achieved a portion of what we did. It has been my privilege to be a member of this sterling band:

  • John & June Cordwell
  • Susan Costello
  • Ali Larrieu
  • Tony Raphael
  • Paul Smith
  • Mark & Michelle Spencer
  • Irene Stook
  • Sue Thame
  • Janet Walshe
  • Angus (Alex) & Claire Wilkinson
  • Karen Wilson

If I have forgotten anybody please accept my apologies.

As a foot note, it has been agreed between Royal Mail & Wotton-under-Edge Town Council to undertake regular reviews (initially very three months) to ascertain the standard of service being delivered and to work together with the aim to ensuring that the service, albeit changed in certain aspects, is the best available.

Yours most respectfully,
Roger L. Carter
Wotton-under-Edge Town Councillor & ex- Chair – Save Our Sorting Office Campaign Group.

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