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Wotton Chamber members cough up for an Excellent Development

Wotton Chamber of Trade’s special guest speaker at its May Supper Meeting was Simon Maddrell, Director of the award-winning charity Excellent Development. At the meeting he described how his organisation is helping thousands of people in arid African communities to create their own sustainable solutions to these problems.

Since the charity's foundation in 2002 Excellent has enabled over 200,000 people to gain access to clean water. Community groups supported by Excellent have built over 250 sand dams, planted over 700,000 trees and dug over 1,100km of terracing on their farms and in the valleys around the dams.

One such person who has received help is Watson Kivungi Kasyumi, a farmer in the Matiku Tia Ngui Musyi region of Kenya. He said: "Through the hard work of the group we have water from the sand dams and pipeline. I no longer wake up early to go fetch water as I used to. The water has enabled me to plant trees - medicinal trees and fruit trees. When the fruits are ripe I can sell a ripe piece for ten Kenyan Shillings."

After the talk a collection was held which raised just over £165 towards their work in Africa.

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