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Wotton Chamber of Trade to set up discussion group over town parking plan
Wotton's Chamber President is not prepared to miss a chance to protect Wotton's future business community with a delay in studies to car park project

The Chamber of Trade in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire is inviting the town’s traders to join a discussion group to explore the feasibility of the Town Council purchasing a piece of land adjacent to its centre and creating a new car park. This follows the Council’s decision to put its Working Party on hold for three months.

Earlier this year the Town Council decided to set up a Working Party to consider the feasibility of purchasing a piece of land from local engineering company Renishaw in order to create extra parking for the town. However, following an instruction from the Government to put a freeze on the town’s precept for the next 12 months the Working Party has been put on hold.

The Chamber’s President, Alex Wilkinson, said: “Our members have been getting increasingly frustrated over the lack of parking in the town for many years and we had hoped that the formation of a Working Party was a light at the end of the tunnel. We are concerned that Government policy has forced a delay so we are trying to preserve what momentum there is by forming our own discussion group and feeding our ideas through as, when and if the Working Group gets going.”

He continued: “The aim of the discussion group would be to consider how such a project could be financed, taking into account the current fiscal situation. It would look at all of the issues and either come up with suitable proposals or determine that the project is unlikely to succeed on financial grounds. We accept that even if funds can be raised there will be other issues such as planning consent to be considered but without funding there will be no point in addressing these wider issues.”

Traders wishing to join the Discussion Group can contact Alex Wilkinson by email through the Chamber’s web site at

Further information:

The Wotton-under-Edge Chamber of Trade was reformed in 2005 after a gap of 5 years and now has in excess of 100 members covering the entire range of local businesses from sole traders to public limited companies. Acting as a voice for local commerce it works in partnership with other organisations to promote and develop business in Wotton and the surrounding area and to ensure that it remains healthy.

Not only does the Chamber represent the interests of local business it also provides support and an opportunity for members to meet and exchange ideas through a busy programme of social events and talks by influential local and national guest speakers. Any concerns expressed by members can be precisely targeted thanks to the Chamber’s close relationships with key local organisations, local government, statutory bodies and other decision makers to provide a real influence on local policies.

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