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The Kids Are Alright!!!!!
Tania Leyland, January 2001

This quiet little town
Where everyone knows everyone else
What a lovely place to live
Out your life and raise your kids

Scratch the surface
Dig a little deeper
Get into the heads of the people

Isolation, social exclusion, anxiety
And pain are lurking beneath the shell
The light of youth grows dimmer
As they are told time and again

You can't play here, go somewhere
Else, be quiet, be invisible,
Don't moan, don't drink, don't smoke
Grow old like us, conform, fit in

Beneath the shell, in the dark night
A world of desperation exists
Loud, brash, youthfull and free
At least for now all is well

but soon they will have to leave.

Tania Leyland, January 2001

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