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Kiwi Compliments
This is an email from a New Zealander that enjoyed this site and the Wotton Town Council site.

Thursday 14 June 2001

To the Adminstrator,

Congratulations on what I reckon is going to be the best "small town" web-site I have ever seen. Beautifully laid out, good fast loading pages, with good navigation. There's a ton of piccies and information for a guy from the "Antipodes" who's checking out where one of his forebears came from.

I'm having a Ball.. and only partway through the Town Tour. Busy checking the Pubs as I go - could be legless by the time I finish!

Holy hell... it's 4am - I've been absorbed in your W-u-E sites for about three hours - better have a coffee and go to bed...;^)

Cheers from visitor 28 to page

You might be just a little chuffed to know that I'm from the "Antipodes" - Stewart Island, New Zealand - bet you don't get any longer distance visitors...;)

Will be back to you tomorrow (night for me)

Thanks mate - I'm impressed!

Cheers - Sam

[Used with permission]

This Letter to the Editor appeared in the Gazette at the end of June - Thanks Jeff!

Letter to the Gazette Editor

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